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In the last twenty years I learned how to manage a technical team and how to make technical stuff totally understable to non-technical staff. Building and improving teams and results.

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Currently based in Barcelona and close to be a nomad. My wanderlust made me be able to work and deliver from any place in the world taking advantage of the available technologies.

I was born in late 1977, I've started programming when I was 9. I published my first web page in 1996 and administrate my first content portal in 1997. Along the way I built and managed technical teams, focusing on human relations, confidence and reponsabilities. Delivering not just product value but cross skilled teams relations as well.

Gabriel Prat

Estimate and build your MVP. Create and manage the technical team behind your success. Focus on value delivery.

Make the whole product staff work together, improve comunication and confidence. Your product will be pleased!

Looking for a team lead or manager? Looking for a code review? Do you need development force? Here I am.

Experience in: Health tech / eHealth, Fintech, Sports, BioTech, job boards, classifieds, dating, social networks, travel, ...

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Along the time I've been involved in many projects, from early stages, raising money, earning money and being aquired, in some of them I've been there the whole trip, from the idea to being aquired for a much bigger player as part of it's growing strategy in the internet market.

Following you will find some of projects and clients I work for, take a look at my linkedin profile to see my full experience and strenghts

Where all started. It was my first full-stack developer job, in the day I meet with Nacho González (founder) I've been in the office for 11 hours, there was no interview at all, I've introduced myself, after that, ensamble a computer in a shared desk with him and started working, despite my inexperience, Nacho believed in me. I left the company 7 years later with more than 100 employees and sold some years ago to Shibsted group.

I've started amigae in 2006 as a 'one man army', I learned about MVP, raising capital, SEM, reporting, finances, budget management, Customer care and all U need to drive a project by yourself. This experience allowed me to know better my strenghts and debilities, since more than 10 years it is still working and with a growing user base. Technically speaking it uses a real time web chat with websockets, private messaging, photo sharing, public comments, async tasks and many more, all cooked by me.

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Early investor and advisory.
Doctuo is a marketplace that connects patients and doctors. We have over 1 million unique monthly visitors and we are focused on Spain and South America.
We have a Q&A platform about medicine and health. Patients can sign up, ask a question and receive an answer from the medical team endorsed by Doctuo. In addition to posting new questions, users can consult all the previous queries through a search of symptoms and diseases.
The website also offers a medical directory that provides information about doctors, medical clinics and health insurance companies.

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Traveling while working allowed me to meet and collaborate with international talent in a lot of specialities, in some way we are a team since we work often with each other

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